Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Digital Detox Your Holiday

Working in Digital Marketing it is incredibly hard to go on a total digital detox.

And that's not an excuse I know. Maybe this is a weakness?

But the nature of my job means I keep my finger on the pulse most of the day - I check what's trending on Twitter, I follow Facebook Live events and I monitor Instagram stories from top influencers many times a day. It's second nature to me.

So how did I take a step away from it all on my recent trip to Dubrovnik? Here's a few tips to help you go on a digital detox while you soak in the sun...

1. Leave your phone in your room

Perhaps the easiest way to step away from the digital world is to simply leave your phone in your room. Lock it away in your safe if you've got a day round the pool planned.

What's the worst that could happen?

You can pop back at lunchtime to check your messages if you're expecting a call but when your phone is out of site it's probably out of mind. Now pass me a cocktail!

2. Turn off all your notifications

If you're on annual leave, chances are you've set an 'out of office' on your emails or if you're a freelancer like me you might have dropped your clients a note to say that you're away and will only be checking emails infrequently. That way no one can expect an immediate response from you.

Turn off your notifications too - if you need your phone when you're out to call a taxi either turn off your data or just remove your notifications.

Do you really need to worry about what your best mates brother is having for dinner when you're busy sipping Sangrias? Thought not.

3. Pack a camera

With thanks to the smart phone it's too easy for us to forget to take cameras out and about with us now. We can take a snap of whatever we want, whenever we want.

But with a smartphone it's not just about taking a photo off the cuff.

It's now all about adding a filter, posting to Snapchat, sharing on Instagram, checking in on Facebook...oh all the places that photo needs to go.

But the reality - well it doesn't.

So invest in a decent hand-held camera, hold off on the sharing functionalities and just get totally lost in snapping shots of the scenery and sunsets.

4. Build a playlist on an iPod

Old skool? Nah. I recently did this whilst I was away with my niece and my mum. We spent the weekend listening to some tunes we had loaded to Mum's iPod instead of streaming from Spotify.

It made the whole thing a little more enjoyable as we took ourselves back to some of our favourite songs when I was young and introduced my 6 year old niece to some classics - without having to rely on wi-fi!

5. Read an actual book

Don't get me wrong I love my Kindle. One of my favourite things I own. But when I'm lazing by the pool or about to get on a flight I love a good book in my hand.

I love it when you finish a book on holiday and by the time you get home the pages smell like suncream and the cover adorns a few grains of sand.

Maybe it's a nostalgic thing...

6. Meditate

Step away from the phone. Step away from the tablet. And step away from your computer.

Focus on you and see if your hotel or resort holds any mediation sessions during the first couple of days of your holiday.

Or book yourself in for a mindfulness and meditation class before you take-off and get to grips with what it feels like to just be present.

It'll change your life.

What do you do to unwind on holiday? And do you find it hard to totally switch off? Would love to here your top tips!


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