Friday, 28 October 2016

When Change Comes Knocking

I'm a Libran. That makes me incredibly indecisive. I find it difficult to say 'No' and I make every effort to make sure everyone around me is happy. I like harmony and balance. 

Do I like change? Well I don't think any of us like lots of changes all of the time, do we? 

Over the last 4 years, I have embraced change and I've learned a lot about how change can make you a stronger person. 

The next few months will see a BIG change happen in my life and in anticipation of this I thought I'd share my thoughts on the subject of change...

We make decisions every single day of our lives. 

What to wear to work? 
What to eat for lunch? 
And even what time to go to bed. 

Our routines are based on a series of decisions knitted together to form a sequence...something that becomes familiar. 

Something we call day-to-day life.

Our routines can be affected by big life events like love, health, death and money. And sometimes we can feel like our lives are 'all over the place' - a little off balance, a little uncertain. 

Waiting in anticipation of something to change in our hectic routine to put the balance back in the picture. 

We wait for the world to change.

Going through uncertainty can be massively stressful for us. We can't sleep because our minds race with thoughts and anxiety about tomorrow. We panic about the future - 'Where will I be?'. 

Our foundation feels like it's been built on a plate of jelly...know that feeling?

But with patience and strength, I believe we can fix that wibbly wobbly foundation, come out the other side and make the world we live in change. 

I recently made a BIG decision. A decision to finally fly the nest. At the ripe old age of 28. Some might think this is really old to be leaving home but actually, I just needed to wait for my world to change slightly so that I would make my world change...take that leap finally, no backing out. 

When something happens beyond our control it's like fate is telling us it's time. The world is making a decision for us. 

And so for me - my fate has told me over the last couple of months it's time to fly the next and create my new pathway. 

However anxious I might be feeling about moving out I am also excited. 

I'm excited to be taking charge of my future. 

I'm excited to be a little less of a 'Libra' and think about myself and my journey a little more. 

It's good to take care of yourself now and again isn't it? 

I'm sure the emotions that I will go through over the next few weeks will be a huge mixture of ups and some downs, but what's important to remember is that change is positive and change can help solidify that jelly on a plate.

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